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Every mile you spend on your bicycle is thousands of revolutions on the components, these components need maintaining to keep your bicycle feeling like new.

 With technology moving on in the cycling industry rapidly the components that are now used need regular servicing to avoid disrepair and expensive repair bills.

At Moorland Cycles we only the highest quality tools are used with specialist grease and lubes, you can be confident on the level of quality and care taken on your bicycle repair and servicing.

Moorland Cycles will fit parts supplied from customers who have purchased online. You will not offend Luke if you bring these parts in to be fitted. Please do so if you are not confident fitting and setting them up. Moorland Cycles does reserve the right to not fit second hand parts that are not fit for purpose. Moorland Cycles does not sell bikes and has no affiliation with any manufacturers of bicycles. Any advice given is non-biased and from professional experience.

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